Founding Drinks Ltd

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Our Premium English Spirits

Our aim is simply to produce the very finest and authentic premium spirits, with real provenance and personality. 


Wild Knight® English Vodka

Single distilled from the finest Norfolk barley. Wild Knight is exceptionally smooth and soft on the palate, full of character and with a deliciously long finish. Liquid silk is our favourite description.


Nelson’s Gold®

We delicately blend our Wild Knight English Vodka with caramel and the result is an ultra-smooth, full-bodied, caramelised liqueur. Deliciously decadent!


Boadicea® Gin

First we create our spirit from the finest Norfolk barley and then redistil to vapour infuse a basket of the finest botanicals, including juniper, citrus and with a nod to the Iceni - nettle.
This captures delicate flavours to create a fine London dry gin that can be sipped on its own or it pairs beautifully with elderflower tonic.